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Artificial Turf Walls To Green Up Your Home

September 23, 2022

Have you seen those beautiful living walls and want your own for a fraction of the cost and maintenance? You can transform an interior or exterior wall with our artificial boxwood and ivy panels. Better yet, maintenance is just a matter of dusting and spraying with a cleaner once in a while. There is no pruning, sunlight, fertilizer, or soil required. An artificial turf wall is a fabulous design feature – livening up any space and keeping it green all year round. Our artificial boxwood and ivy options will help you achieve your faux living wall dreams.

Artificial Boxwood Ideas for Small Spaces and Outdoor Areas

For those who live in smaller condos or apartments, artificial turf walls are a low-cost way to add some color to your home. You can quickly transform a plain white wall without paint or expensive artwork. It works great on an outdoor balcony or patio that needs some color and dimension as well.

Our customers also love adding artificial boxwood and ivy to their backyard to create a beautiful and lush outdoor area to host their guests. Artificial turf walls can divide up a space and create more intimate areas to hang out. Added to your home’s exterior can give it that traditional country cottage vibe.

You can easily add an outdoor turf area rug with our artificial grass remnants or spice up your yard with some other creative remnant ideas. Have you ever considering designing an outdoor chessboard with turf? Artificial grass is a fun decorating material that kids can enjoy as well.

Artificial Ivy Vertical Walls

You can install artificial ivy and boxwood on most surfaces. However, it should be laid or placed flat for the best appearance. Working in small sections offers the best results. Pull tightly for a smooth look and secure in place especially around the edges.

Our artificial boxwood and ivy comes in light and dark green. Leaf size range from 1/2” to 3” long.

You are only limited by your imagination when decorating an artificial ivy vertical wall. What about a green, artificial ivy ceiling? Or a beautiful accent wall in your kitchen nook? These lush artificial turf walls can add warmth and privacy to any space.

We would be happy to help you choose the right style for your next project. Contact us today for some free samples at 844- 974-8873, or ask us for a free estimate.

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