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Top 5 Landscaping Trends with Artificial Grass in 2021

June 3, 2021

There are many new landscaping trends. Tons, in fact. At Wateversavers we believe it’s important to keep things fresh. To keep things up to date. So we recommend a few landscaping trends. Some are indoor, some outdoor. Some for hanging out with friends. Others to save water. So, explore the options! Landscaping trends are important to watch. Additionally, we offer an industry leading warranty to give you peace of mind. 

Indoor Turf Accents – We All Love Some Color

It brightens your day and gives life to a room. Why not do so with turf? An undercover landscaping trend that is gaining steam, indoor turf accents add green to your space and can even be used as carpeting. They’re so comfortable to walk on. Also, they will help keep your home cool. Additionally, indoor turf walls have become popular. Bring the outdoors inside with turf accents in your home.

Vertical Gardens With Artificial Ivy – Aim High!

Let’s be frank – ivy is beautiful. But, it can be a pain sometimes. So, a new landscaping trend is artificial ivy. Just like having a garden in the backyard, or in a planter box, have one on your wall! On the side of the pool house or your gazebo. Especially small spaces! Artificial ivy is easy to install and looks great. 

Ultimate Backyard Living Rooms – Perfect Combo Package

Bring the comfort of the living room outside! It’s so easy to do. And you’ll feel great! Turf is a very comfortable surface and works with many different types of furniture. This is a hot landscaping trend. After adding turf, you can add couches or recliners to your backyard. Or a picnic table. Even bring out the dog’s bed. Your outdoor space will be so appealing, just like the one inside. 

Native Plants – A Great Landscaping Trend

Grass needs a ton of water. And we know natural sod can be great, but turf saves you money on your water bill. And, so do native plants! Many California plants are drought resistant, require little care, and don’t need too much irrigation. They come in all shapes and sizes. Also, native plants look great next to artificial turf. Check out some succulents or California lilac. Both are great options. 

Pots – So Handy! A New Landscaping Trend

Rather than plant in the ground, use a pot! They’re easy to move, easy to replace if they break, and come in all sizes and colors. Ditch the pain of a big garden and go small with a tomato plant in a pot. Or, a small succulent. Even better, a houseplant that compliments your outdoor vertical ivy and indoor turf carpeting. They’re so useful. 

Want More Trends? We’re Here To Help!

We have seven Bay Area locations to serve you. Our team can help you find the right landscaping trend for your space and budget. We even offer free turf samples and project estimates

More questions? You can also call us toll-free! Our number is 844-974-8873. We’d love to hear from you and answer your questions.

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