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Is Artificial Turf Safe?

March 1, 2022

At Watersavers, we get this question a lot: is artificial turf safe? The short answer is: yes. We care about the well-being of our customers and only carry high-quality products. In fact, artificial turf is safe for all members of the family. This includes toddlers and pets. So answering the question “is artificial turf safe?” is actually very easy. Our turf products are lead free and non-toxic. They also produce no off-gassing, which can be a harmful process. In this way, synthetic turf is an awesome alternative to natural grass and a perfect all-around surface. You can do so many things with faux grass and even create a home putting green. Everyone will be happy, healthy, and most importantly, safe. 

Is Artificial Grass Safe for Pets and Kids?

Kids love playing outside. So do your dogs and cats. Getting vitamin D and running around makes them happy. Getting turf is a great way to help them do that! Also, with great drainage, kids won’t slip as much on turf as they will on natural grass. This means fewer bumps and bruises and happier children. Because of this, turf is extra safe. They can play with their friends all afternoon. And, on top of that, your yard won’t get torn up. Turf is hassle-free and requires little care. Just brush it a few times per year. And no need for fertilizer or pesticides, which may impact family health. But what about putting it in? Installation is a breeze and once added to your property, it will be the envy of the neighborhood. 

Can The Safety of Artificial Turf Be Verified?

Yes! To make sure we offer the best product for you and your family, we work with a third-party company to verify the safety of our turf products. There are some ideas out there that turf contains lead or is made from harmful plastics. So, it makes sense that some would ask: “is artificial turf safe?” This may have been the case years ago, but not anymore. Nothing is more important to us than helping the community be safe. In addition, our infill is one of the safest materials on the market – it is lead and heavy metal-free and does not have the potentially harmful offgassing issues associated with crumb rubber infill.

What is “off-gassing”? Simply put, it’s the release of chemicals into the air that can be toxic when inhaled. Luckily, we don’t carry crumb rubber infill, which is made from recycled tires, and only offer natural, environmentally friendly, and organic infill options. Our community deserves the best and our turf experts are happy to talk to you about our different types of infill.

Want To Ask Us More Questions?

Please do! We would love to hear from you. Safety is our number one company priority for our employees and community members like you. 

To talk with a team member, give us a call at 844-974-8873. Or, visit any one of our Bay Area locations to learn more about turf and how safe it is. At our stores we provide free 1” x 1” turf samples and project estimates, too. 

Also, for general information, please feel free to check out our product catalog.

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