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Why You’ll Love Artificial Grass For Dog Parks

September 19, 2023

A trip to the dog park is a terrific way for your furry little friend to have fun and get a good workout. If the park in question has synthetic grass, it makes the outing even easier. After a rainstorm, a field may be too sloppy for your pet to run around. The park itself might even be closed until the field improves. On the other hand, artificial grass for dog parks stands up to all types of weather. It’s also safer than real grass because there’s no risk of encountering harmful lawn care products. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about bugs or germs.  

Artificial Dog Grass Makes Dog Parks Affordable 

Cities and towns across the country are building spots where canines can roam free in the fresh air. Many cities have found that artificial grass is the best surface around. A real lawn requires costly added care and makes it challenging to keep a park open. Dogs do a lot of damage to the ground while running across it all day long. Repairing it means spending a good amount of money on lawn care. Watering a field is also costly and wastes a key natural resource. Cities can install artificial grass for dog parks and save taxpayers’ money on maintenance. As a result, more places are now willing to use synthetic turf in parks.

Synthetic Grass Brings Dog Parks to San Francisco 

When you live in a big city like San Francisco, it can be tough to find spaces where your pets can run around. That’s why dog parks play such a key role in these areas. However, cities need to find room for parks in their budget. In locations like the SF Bay Area, they also need to consider the drought. When saving water is a main concern, creating a new park seems like a poor choice. It would be an additional public area that needs to be watered and maintained regularly. 

Luckily, synthetic grass solves that problem. Earlier this year, SF city officials unveiled a new dog park in Merced Heights Playground. Phil Ginsburg, the general manager for San Francisco Recreation and Parks, said, “Parks are not just nice to have. They’re a utility—they’re must-haves.” By using synthetic turf, the city has ensured the longevity of this utility, this park.

The wear and tear on turf is minimized with the use of artificial grass for dog parks. The synthetic turf also allows for parks to be open all year. Dogs don’t stop needing exercise simply because the seasons have changed. Faux turf helps them get the outdoor fun they crave. Additionally, it allows cities to build and sustain these parks while staying within budget. 

Artificial Grass for Dog Parks in San Francisco and Beyond 

Merced Heights Playground isn’t the only park with synthetic turf in San Francisco. Over the years, the city has opened various dog parks with artificial grass. Synthetic turf has also given new life to unusable land in Anaheim.  

Pup enjoying artificial grass for dog parks at a local SF park

Along with dog play areas, artificial turf is perfect for all sorts of public parks. It’s great for sports fields, outdoor lounge areas, and walkways. To see why you should install it, contact Watersavers Turf for a free estimate. We also offer free 1’ x 1’ samples, so you can see and feel our products before you install them. Stop by one of our SF Bay Area locations to learn more or call us at 844-974-8873. 

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