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Artificial Grass for Cats – Why They’ll Love Watersavers Turf

April 1, 2022

Keeping grass lush and green can be a challenge, and the task is even more challenging for pet owners who must deal with mud, staining, and damage caused by digging. Artificial grass for cats offers the perfect solution for providing pets with a safe and welcoming area to play.

We offer our customers high quality, artificial turf that looks and feels extremely realistic. It’s really up to you to choose from our amazing range, as all of our turf is durable and pet-safe.

How Safe is Artificial Grass for Cats?

The good news is that cats can safely play on artificial grass. You can take comfort in knowing your cat is safe even if it likes to chew on everything it sees. Artificial grass for cats is non-toxic and lead-free certified. You can rest assured knowing that all of our products are verified by an independent third party to be safe for pet and human use.

Besides being resilient and soft, artificial grass for cats is also completely pet-friendly. It won’t fade or discolor, and it’s very low maintenance. Both your cat and you will love it. Keeping your pets safe and enjoying the outdoors all year round is important.

Reasons Why Watersavers Turf is the Best Grass for Cats

  • It’s easy to clean 

When it comes to pet droppings, artificial grass for cats is easy to clean. Simply scoop and hose off just like with normal grass.

  • It’s safe 

Like we mentioned above, our artificial grass is safe and suitable for pets. Also, rocks and other hazards can’t be hiding in it.

  • It’s comfortable

Are you wondering if your cat will be comfortable lying on our artificial turf? Cats actually prefer synthetic turf over real grass because it’s lush, consistent, and less likely to feel dry or uneven.

  • It’s low maintenance

Although traditional sod can look fantastic at its best, cat owners have found that the negatives can outweigh the positives – this is particularly true when it comes to maintenance. Little upkeep is required, so you can spend more time playing with your pets. You won’t have mud tracked in from your grass and a mess to clean up inside your house.

  • It’s durable

Cats are known for digging and running around, but this can turn even the best grass for cats into a patchy, muddy mess. Luckily, your turf will stay in great shape and there will be no more muddy paws in the house!

Artificial Grass for Cats and Dogs

The best grass for cats can withstand digging, claws, urine, and feces while providing the comfort that cats crave. Whether your pet is a small house cat or a large outdoor dog, we use products created and tested to withstand everyday wear and tear. Learn more about why dogs love our turf, too.

We also sell organic infill, called ZeoFill, which is a great option for pets as well as a OxyTurf Cleaner and Disinfectant to keep your lawn fresh. To find out more, visit our turf product catalog.

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