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Artificial Grass Improves the Super Bowl

February 23, 2017

Artificial grass is important to any sports field and is used in many pro football stadiums. The Super Bowl in 2017 took place at NRG Stadium in Houston, which uses artificial grass. It’s no surprise since artificial grass has so many advantages: it improves plays, helps reduce injuries to athletes, can be used in all weather, reduces costs of sports field care and looks nice. This wasn’t the first Super Bowl played on artificial grass, and won’t be the last. The U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota will host the Super Bowl in 2018, which also uses fake grass. It’s long lasting and has many benefits for football players, field care, and the fans who watch the game.

Watersavers Turf, a premier artificial grass distributor, offers high-quality sports field turf with sturdy grass that can hold up to many hours of hard play.

Synthetic Turf on Sports Fields

Using synthetic turf for sports fields is more common now for so many sports. Many stadiums and sports fields use some type of synthetic turf. Its strength adds more hours of play while reducing costs of sports turf care. Players gain more traction when running on sports fields with synthetic turf and its smooth surface results in fewer injuries. These are just a few reasons why artificial turf is used on sports fields.

Fake Grass Benefits for Sports Fields

There are good reasons to use fake grass for sports fields, including the stadiums that host Super Bowl games. Some include:

  • No wear and tear from intense and frequent use
  • Stays strong during difficult weather conditions
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Extends play hours
  • Keeps a consistent condition
  • Results in fewer injuries

These are all important reasons why fake grass is used on sports fields for football games.

 Artificial Sports Turf Allows Intense and Frequent Play

Football is a high-impact sport and can result in sports injuries. With artificial sports turf, fewer injuries will occur. It has a smooth surface, and unlike real grass, there are no muddy areas or run-offs of water after heavy rain. A real grass field might have problems with wear and tear, but artificial grass has a surface that doesn’t get large holes or gaps. Artificial sports turf holds up during and after intense and frequent play.

Fake Lawn Holds Up to Harsh Weather

Fake lawn stays firm through heavy foot traffic. It is also very sturdy during harsh weather like heavy rain or drought.  During harsh weather, fake lawn has a stable surface and will not hold large mud puddles or change its nice green, even look. This is a great asset to football players, and fans watching the game.

Faux Grass is Low Maintenance

Another benefit is the low maintenance of faux grass. It doesn’t have to be mowed, weeded or watered. That saves a lot of water, and there isn’t a huge risk of fuel spills due to mowing. Faux grass also doesn’t need a lot of repair from cleats tearing up the ground.

Synthetic Grass Offers More Hours of Play

Synthetic grass allows for long play hours with very little need for lawn care. When playing on a real grass turf, the ground may need some time to rest after just one game. This is hard for teams who want to use the same field on the same day. Sometimes, it causes games to cancel or delay the time playing on the field.

This isn’t a problem with synthetic grass. It’s sturdy, and it doesn’t crumble or fall apart from heavy play time or cleats digging into the ground. This means players can have more hours to play on the sports field and they don’t have to worry that they won’t be able to play.

Artificial Turf is a Great Choice for Sports Events

Artificial turf is a great choice for playing all sports. Not only does it keep its form, but it also looks great. This is another great reason why artificial turf is used for the Super Bowl.

Imagine you’re watching the Super Bowl and the turf is all torn up. It wouldn’t look that good, and sponsors wouldn’t be too happy about it either. But, artificial turf looks great and remains the same in all weather and during practices and games.

It also helps players perform better. It allows the player to move around quickly and carry out tackles and other moves with better foot traction. This means players run faster on the field and it helps to prevent the ball from rolling when placed on the ground.

Fewer Injuries When Sports are Played on Synthetic Sports Turf

Did you know synthetic sports turf lessens the chance of players getting hurt on the field? All players are valuable to their teams, and when someone is injured, it means that player might have to sit out some games, or even worse, end their season playing the game. Synthetic sports turf with turf padding absorbs the impact of a fall because of its cushion-like feel and stays in place even with heavy and hard foot traffic during football and other sports.

Also, it adds grip, so players are more likely to have fewer strains from twisting their ankles or other leg injuries. Players are priceless to their teams, so it can be the difference in winning or losing the game. As you can see, faux turf has many benefits for sports teams, athletes, and the fans.

Faux Turf Looks Better

The 2017 Super Bowl was played on faux turf, with some very good reasons. It’s the most watched game of the season, and with so many viewing the game, looks do matter. Faux turf looks nice to fans at the game, and those who watch on TV from home.

Faux turf is used on all kinds of sports fields and has so many benefits to the players, sports field care, and the fans. Contact Watersavers Turf online for a free artificial grass estimate. You can also call us at 844-974-8873 to learn more about our products. Get large free 1’ x 1’ samples at any of our seven SF Bay area locations.

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