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Fun Water Games to Play on Artificial Lawns

September 30, 2019

Why wait for cooler weather when you can cool down by playing water games on your artificial lawn? Artificial lawn is one of the best surfaces to do this because it drains water more quickly than real grass. Adults and kids can play water games on an artificial lawn for hours without having to worry about the ground getting too wet and slick. Parents or town park designers can even install lawn pads under the turf to help when a slip or fall occurs. Watersavers Turf offers artificial lawn products that are ideal for playing water games on artificial lawns.

How Synthetic Turf Benefits Your Backyard

Synthetic turf benefits property owners in many ways. It’s easy to maintain and stands up to wear and tear. That’s a key reason why synthetic turf benefits families with children. Parents can let the kids play out on the lawn without having to worry about them damaging it. Other synthetic turf benefits, like fast drainage, make it the perfect surface for backyard water fun during the summer and even in rainy weather!

The following are just some of the exciting games families can enjoy with a fake turf lawn:

Water Balloon & Water Blasters

Summer fun is easy to create. Kids and even adults love playing with water balloons and water blasters. With artificial grass, they can do so without soaking the lawn. Unlike real grass, there are no mud puddles to deal with and better chances of not falling or tripping.

Water Limbo

Using the right attachment, you can turn a basic garden hose into a fun backyard toy. Equip the hose with an attachment that lets it spray water in a straight line (don’t use a high-pressure attachment). You can now play water limbo by trying to go under the water stream backward with your knees bent without getting wet. It’s a fun summer twist on a classic game.

Slip N Slide

Anyone who enjoys a Slip N Slide will enjoy it much more on a fake turf surface. That’s because synthetic grass tends to stay much flatter and more even than live grass. That means you’re less likely to get hurt because you won’t slide over a hidden rock or bump in the lawn. You can even make your own Slip N Slide with just a hose and a tarp!

Water Relay

Plenty of backyard games can also help kids stay fit at a young age like playing Water Relay. In this game, kids must fill up buckets with water, then race each other to the other end of the yard, holding their bucket atop their head. Anyone who spills a drop is out of the race.

Water Balloon Piñata

Kids love to play with piñatas. They also like to play with water balloons. This game combines the two. Simply fill up water balloons until they are almost ready to burst, then hang them from tree branches and let the kids take a few swings at them.

Kickball with a Twist

Kickball can be fun, but it can also be hard for kids to keep a match going for a long time in the summer heat. That’s why some people decide to use small kiddie pools as the bases. You may need to help the kids set up the field, but this twist on a classic game will help them stay cool throughout the match. Kids can also play whiffle ball this way if they’re not kickball fans.

Backyard Fishing

Those kiddie pools are also great for an activity the smaller kids will love. Plenty of toy shops sell child-friendly fishing games that rely on magnets or other safe components to “catch” the fish. You could also DIY this project by using metal baitfish without the hooks of course. Then glue a magnet to a string and tie it around a rod or stick to make the fishing pole.

Why You Should Switch to Artificial Turf

It’s a lot easier for parents to relax while kids play water games when your backyard has artificial turf. Live grass can be dangerous when wet because you can slip on it or trip in a water puddle or mud hole. That’s not a problem with artificial turf because it drains fast. Real lawns can also hide lots of debris that could hurt a child.

Rocks, thorns, poison ivy, and plenty of other items you might find in a live lawn are likely to cause more harm than if you used artificial turf. That’s because a faux lawn’s blade height always stays the same. There are more chances of surprises hiding in an unmown lawn. Our turf never needs to be mowed. It also never needs water or fertilizers!

So, if you are interested in a lawn that needs almost no care then head to one of Watersavers Turf’s SF Bay Area locations. If you’d like to try a few styles before you buy one, we also provide free large 1’ x 1’ turf samples. Not from our area? No problem. We ship to any place in the Continental United States.

Call us toll-free at if you have any questions. You can also chat with us online. Be sure to ask about getting a free estimate for your project!

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