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Artificial Plants Create a Sense of Well-Being

January 31, 2017

Whether a resort hotel is aiming for a peaceful theme or a mall is trying to look more festive for the big shopping season, plants can help to draw in more guests. Real plants, as well as artificial plants, can keep patrons happy and encourage them to spend more time on location. At Watersavers Turf, you can get that sense of well-being by purchasing our artificial plants for use indoors and outdoors.

There is a good reason to believe the plants don’t have to be real to have an effect. A 2003 study showed that blood donors who watched videos of nature scenes were less stressed.  Those who watched videos about urban scenes didn’t see these results. Looking at plants is good for our mental health, even if they aren’t real.

That’s why more people have embraced artificial plants as an option. Unlike the real thing, very little time, and money needs to be spent on upkeep. Artificial plants also give the design team a chance to realize their full vision. With real grass and plants, they need to account for how the weather will impact their design throughout the year. By using faux foliage, they don’t have to concern themselves with this issue.

Restaurants Add Spice to Outdoor Areas Using Artificial Foliage

Restaurant owners use artificial foliage to add charm to their outdoor seating spots. The same approach works at wedding venues. You don’t even need to have guests to find uses for artificial foliage. Some have installed it in office buildings to give workers a place to take a break and relax. Again, it could give the mental health boost a person needs to recharge and get through the day.

Business owners are not the only ones to benefit. If you own a home, you can apply boxwood panels to outside walls to add greenery to your porch. With a gazebo or other outdoor feature, a homeowner can add artificial foliage to make a nature setting.

Fake Plants Revamp Apartment Complex

One building which has used fake plants to boost its appeal is The Greenhouse. This is the name Braden Power gave to an apartment building he worked on.

Of the building, Power says “although it now has the appearance of a lush botanical garden, there are only two live plants on the entire property.” Power adds that the “grass, trees, ferns, privacy hedges, vines and leafy ground vegetation are all stunning simulations.”

For someone who works in real estate, it’s easy to see the appeal of this tactic. You can now design a complex that draws in tenants willing to pay more to live in such a gorgeous building. On top of that, you’ll only have to invest a small amount of your money.

That said, if you own almost any sort of business, there are smart reasons to install fake plants. At a resort, you can give guests a nice spot to lounge or enjoy a drink. At a mall, you can create a sense of real comfort. In cities, some have even found that fake grass helps turn sections of the road into walkways—this can be good for local shops looking to attract more foot traffic.

Synthetic Grass—Not Just for Sports

Many people know that synthetic grass is often used as a surface for sports fields. What they might not know is how common it is in other places. Across the country, people want to limit the amount of water they use. Synthetic grass makes this easy.  First, it never needs to be watered. This is very freeing from a design standpoint. A landscape artist can install synthetic grass knowing it will look the same no matter the season or weather.

On top of that, because it also doesn’t need to be mowed, faux turf helps to save a lot of money on lawn care. People can replace their current lawn with this new option. Doing so gives them the freedom to spend the saved money elsewhere. For those looking to make the switch, we at Watersavers Turf offer the perfect line of products.

Faux Foliage Saves the Planet

In the real estate world, they often call fake plant life “faux foliage.” In recent years, many in this line of work have seen the use of artificial grass become much more common.

Per Braden Power, a Dallas-based developer, “People usually conjure an image of the artificial turf used on football fields, but they don’t realize that there are hundreds of artificial grass options, varying in color, texture, density, and durability.” Power adds, “There’s even a line with multi-colors and a ‘dead grass’ look at the base for realism, and it’s very soft on the feet.”

Power and others in his field know saving money and resources is a key selling point for faux foliage. In regions affected by drought, like the SF Bay Area, some local leaders are striving to find ways in which they can convince landowners to use less water. Adding fake turf lets residents comply while still having a green lawn.

And saving water is merely one way in which faux foliage is good for the planet. Unlike real plants, it doesn’t attract insects. This means there’s no need to spray harsh chemicals or use pesticides to keep them away. When fake turf is installed, there are no worries about substances seeping into the soil and groundwater.

If you think you’ve got a good use for fake plants, we at Watersavers Turf have the right tools and turf for your project. We also offer free estimates to make planning it out easy. At our SF Bay Area locations, we supply guests with free 1’ x 1’ samples. Want to learn more about what we have to offer? Give us a call at 844-974-8873 for more info!

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