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The Role of Artificial Turf at Baseball Stadiums

April 15, 2019

Using artificial turf at baseball stadiums has been common for decades. The first time artificial turf was used in a baseball stadium was in 1966. That’s when it replaced live grass at the Houston Astrodome. Since then, many other teams have made the switch. Artificial turf at baseball stadiums simply offers advantages that grass can’t. They include saving money, keeping players safe, and reducing upkeep needs. These are all reasons our team at Watersavers Turf is happy to offer this surface option. Read on to learn more about sports grass and the benefits for baseball.

Why MLB Teams Use Sports Grass

Sports grass has been used at many MLB stadiums over the years. Although the league was briefly dominated by live grass after many stadium surfaces were converted between 1992 to 2005, sports grass is making a comeback. It’s already still in place at Tropicana Field and the Rogers Centre. Now, Chase Stadium has switched back with a new surface that looks and feels just like live grass (minus the bare patches).

Globe Life Field is also switching back to sports grass. It’s likely many others will follow suit.

It’s easy to understand why. The MLB’s brief use of live grass probably reminded everyone why synthetic grass is the better option. The following are key reasons they’re starting to embrace it once more:

Upkeep & Savings

Maintaining live grass involves a lot of work. You need to mow it. You need to water it. You need to repair it. This can be very costly. Stadiums thus save money by switching to an option that doesn’t need major upkeep. With synthetic turf, upkeep is as simple as basic cleaning and making minor repairs.


A synthetic field also keeps players safe. Unlike live grass, it drains water quickly. Players are less likely to slip after rainfall as a result. Faux grass also stays even and flat to a greater degree than live grass. This helps athletes on the field avoid trips and falls.


Fake grass gives baseball teams more branding opportunities. Because it comes in many colors, teams can use it to design fields that show off their unique identities.

It’s worth noting that pros aren’t the only ones who can benefit from using an artificial surface. For instance, school districts are often looking for ways to save money on sports programs and boost player safety. Using faux grass helps them find room in the budget for sports, while also preventing injuries.

Sports Turf’s Impact on Baseball

Fans of baseball may also be interested to know how sports turf changes the way the game is played. Professional baseball players in the 1970s quickly noticed balls bounce higher off of sports turf than live grass. As a result, infielders at stadiums using sports turf began to play further back than they normally would.

Keep this in mind when watching your favorite teams this year. If they’re playing at a stadium with fake grass, they may play differently than they normally do.

The following teams are particularly worth paying attention to this season. Experts believe they are all contenders for the World Series in 2019.

Red Sox

The Red Sox have been the champs of the American League East for the past few years. They have some competitions from the Yankees, but are likely to stay in the top spot this year as well.

The Rays

The Rays snuck up on everyone last year. With a great pitching staff, they could be a wild card in 2019.


An MLB poll revealed the Astros are the unanimous pick for dominating the AL West this year. Two 100-win seasons in a row will have that effect.


Experts agree there is no good reason to expect the Indians won’t retain the top spot in the AL Central division this year. There’s simply no other team that can compete right now.


Winning six division titles in a row, odds are good the Dodgers will continue to impress in the National League West. Yes, the Rockies gave them a run for their money last year, but fans don’t think they can repeat that in 2019.

Finding Artificial Baseball Grass

These are just some of the teams we’ll be keeping an eye on here at Watersavers Turf. If you’re a fan who also needs the ideal artificial baseball grass for a field, stop by one of our SF Bay Area locations. A member of our team will gladly discuss your options.

We also offer free large 1’x 1’ artificial sports grass samples. They can help you decide which surface option is best for your needs. Not from our area? No problem. We ship to any spot in the Continental United States.

Give us a call at 844-974-8873 to learn more about artificial sports grass. We’re also happy to chat online. Don’t forget to ask about our free estimates and delivery offers!

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