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Artificial Turf for Ultimate Frisbee

October 30, 2019

Ultimate frisbee is becoming very popular throughout the world. It’s even a varsity sport in some high schools now. Of course, players need the right field surface for this game. Artificial turf for ultimate frisbee offers that. It’s the same kind of surface used at San Diego’s Mira Mesa High School. That’s where USA Ultimate (the sport’s governing body) held the national championships last October.

Artificial turf for ultimate frisbee offers players a safe, low-cost surface option. It also stays in great shape throughout the year with little upkeep. Are you thinking about installing your own field with this material? If so, Watersavers Turf offers quality artificial turf for ultimate frisbee teams. We also offer sports grass for golf, cricket, soccer, bocce, and much more!

Sports Grass Protects Players

A faux sports grass field made Mira Mesa High School the perfect venue for the national frisbee championship. The games featured three team divisions (men, women, and mixed). Each division had 16 teams. Delaying the tournament because of poor weather or field conditions would have disappointed many players.

Rain has less of an impact on faux sports grass than it does on a real grass field. Artificial sports grass is simply designed to drain water fast. This reduces the odds of game cancellations.

Faux sports turf also stands up to wear and tear during gameplay. This reduces the chances that players will slip and fall. That’s why this surface option is ideal when safety is a priority. On top of all that, faux sports turf reduces costs because it doesn’t need water or constant care.

Synthetic Field Turf Supports a Growing Sport

Odds are good more high schools and colleges will soon add ultimate frisbee to their sports programs. After all, the International Olympic Committee has officially recognized the World Flying Disc Federation. Schools will notice that. They’ll also need to offer players a reliable, budget-friendly surface to play on. Synthetic field turf is the ideal choice. Student athletes will enjoy the game more if they don’t have to worry about tripping on an uneven surface.

The Benefits of Synthetic Grass for Indoor Sports

Ultimate frisbee is also an indoor sport that benefits from synthetic grass. Synthetic grass for indoor sports is perfect for many reasons. Without it, indoor games are usually played on basketball courts. This can be dangerous if players fall. That’s not the case when synthetic grass for indoor sports is used in with an underlayment of turf padding.

Synthetic grass for indoor sports is also versatile. When the frisbee players aren’t using it, others can use it for indoor volleyball, tennis, and more.

Artificial Sports Turf is Perfect for Frisbee

Artificial sports turf doesn’t just offer safety and savings. Artificial sports turf is also perfect for this game because it meets key criteria. It can be cut to the exact field size, and it’s durable enough to stay in great shape through all the matches. Teams can also install padding beneath it. This protects players from harm during trips and falls.

Read on to find out some fun facts and learn more about the game, and why artificial sports turf is the best option:

Field Size

A regulation ultimate frisbee field is 64m by 37m. End zones are 18m deep. Synthetic turf makes it easy to design a field that stays within these exact measurements. Real grass, on the other hand, can overgrow boundaries. Fake grass also comes in different colors, so teams can clearly mark end zones.

Team Size & Game Play

The game starts with seven players from each team lined up in front of their end zones. The defense begins a match by throwing the frisbee to the offense.

Ultimate frisbee is a lot like football; one team plays offense while the other defends their end zone. Players try to score points by passing the disc to their teammates. The goal is to throw the frisbee to a teammate who has reached the end zone.

A player cannot run with the disc. They must throw it to another teammate in 10 seconds or less. The other team can also take possession of the frisbee if it touches the ground or if they intercept it. Members of the defending team try to cover players on the offense to prevent them from catching the disc.

Matches can be intense. Teams can only substitute players when someone scores or calls timeout for an injury.

You need the right surface for this type of game. Discs often land in the pitch before someone can catch them. This can make divots in live grass, making a field unsafe. With fake turf, this isn’t an issue.  Fake turf also withstands the wear and tear that results from teams constantly running across the pitch.


Ultimate frisbee doesn’t allow physical contact. When this happens, a foul occurs. However, since this game is self-refereeing, players can disagree with foul calls. They may demand the play to be redone. The play then resumes at the spot where the foul was called.

It’s clear that fairness is critical in this game. That said, fouls do happen. It’s important to play on a safe, even surface when they occur.

How to Find Frisbee Turf

Are you planning on installing frisbee turf? If so, Watersavers Turf has what you need. Not only do we offer frisbee turf, we also have the tools and other products you need to install it. Stop by any of our SF Bay Area locations to learn more. If you’re not sure which style best fits your needs, we’ll give you some free 1’ x 1’ samples. You can’t make it to us? No worries, we’ll ship them to any spot in the Continental United States.

You can also chat with us online or call 844-974-8873 if you have any questions. Our team will ensure you find the ideal frisbee turf for your project. While you have us, don’t forget to ask about our free estimates and delivery offers!

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