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Installing Artificial Turf Around Hardscapes

May 12, 2017

Landscape design experts add pop to yards by installing artificial turf around hardscapes. The great thing about this is the visual effect stays the same all year round unlike real grass. Keeping real grass looking green and healthy involves a lot of effort. Between watering and trimming, it can cost you a lot of time and money. That’s why more landscape pros are installing artificial turf around hardscapes instead. Mixing hard pavers, rock, brick, or stone that lay along the soft green of artificial turf will give your yard a look that’s modern and fresh. For ideas on how to achieve this effect, our team of artificial grass experts at Watersavers Turf have plenty of tips for how to best place artificial turf in yards alongside these kinds of features. 

The Benefits of Synthetic Turf in Landscape Design

It’s no secret that a fresh, green lawn adds a lot of beauty to property. The problem is, upkeep can be too costly. Even if you have the time and money to invest, you can’t be certain your plans will work out. Sometimes, poor weather or climate prevent you from making your yard look the way you wished. That’s why, when it comes to landscape design, synthetic turf makes for a better option. 

First of all, you don’t need to maintain or water synthetic turf to keep it green. It stays the same color for years. On top of that, when you install it between or near hardscapes, you don’t need to keep trimming it to keep it from crowding out the other lawn features. Synthetic turf works so well for these purposes because you can predict how it will look each and every day, without having to clean, cut, or water it to hit your goals. 

Faux Grass and Hardscapes — Helpful Tips:

If you think that faux grass is the right surface to make your hardscapes stand out, your next step is to come up with some design ideas. This should be a chance to explore your crafty side. Of course, it helps to read up on other ideas too. They can inspire you to design the lawn of your dreams. You also need to keep in mind some basic advice about how to make the process run smoothly. 

To get started, take a look at our tips below: 

  • Place hard elements like bricks or pavers before you roll out your lawn. You will get more clean lines if you measure and place hardscape first, and work your faux grass around it. 
  • First, plan your layout and design. Prepare your ground as level. Place hardscape elements. Prepare barriers and padding. Then roll out your grass. Leave the seaming or binding for one of the last steps. Along with final nails that hold the grass taut, seaming “seals the deal” on grass placement. 
  • The ratio of pavers to grass depends on the use and style of your yard. Consider a paver patio with faux grass joiners between the stones to keep a green look where you want mostly hard ground. For a softer feel, use mostly fake turf, with a few stone or brick elements to define areas. 
  • Choose one major texture for your landscape project. This can be something like waterless grass, brick, or rock. Then, use another texture to create edges and details. Two materials in contrast, like hard pavers and soft fake grass, is a great starting point for visual appeal in landscape! If too many details compete for attention in a single yard, the look can be cluttered. Keep it bold with two eye-catching materials.  
  • The larger and more evenly textured the pavers you choose, the more modern the look will be. Smaller pavers give a more quirky or cozy feeling to a yard.
  • Pairing hardscape and fake turf can be practical as well as visually interesting. Consider where in your yard you might want to clearly separate two areas. Easy care makes this a great choice for yards where pets will roam or play. Pavers and hardscaping can define the borders of a pet zone, making it easy to train your dog. 

To learn more or to get a free estimate for your artificial grass project, contact Watersavers Turf online, or by phone at 844-974-8873. If you want to be sure our product is right for you, please feel free to stop by one of our SF Bay Area locations to pick up free 1’ X 1’ samples. We also offer free artificial grass installations classes for contractors to help with the technical aspects of how to install artificial grass.

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