• Use barbecue and firepit safety when grilling on artificial turf lawns.
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Barbecue Safety and Firepit Safety for Artificial Turf Lawns

August 15, 2018

Artificial turf lawns are perfect for people who want to enjoy using their backyard all year long. This durable surface option stays in great shape throughout all seasons. Even during the colder months of the year, you can enjoy it in the evenings while barbecuing with friends and family. You can also all gather round a firepit to keep warm. There are, however, certain barbecue and firepit safety practices you should follow if you have an artificial turf lawn or if you plan on adding one.  Remember these points, and you won’t have any issues. If you ever have any more questions about artificial turf lawn safety, our experts at Watersavers Turf will be happy to answer them.

Artificial Grass Safety & Open Flames

Understanding artificial grass safety guidelines requires understanding how different backyard activities affect the lawn surface. This is key to safely enjoying a firepit on your lawn. Be sure to consult with artificial grass safety experts before you plan any activity that could expose your turf to open flames. They’ll let you know what steps you should take to avoid any danger. If you plan on sitting around the fire in the backyard this year, remember these artificial grass safety tips:

Start with Basic Research

Don’t simply assume firepits are allowed on yards in your area. Some towns place limits on their use. Research local laws before buying one. You should also contact your insurance agent to find out if you need to include the firepit on your policy.

Prepare the Area

It’s very important to keep open flames away from plant life. If there is any greenery around the spot where you plan on installing the pit, trim it before running any fires. Keep an eye on branches and shrubs nearby while the fire is going.

Consider Extra Safety Options

When shopping for a firepit, ask the sales team about extra safety options you can add to it. For example, many pits allow you to install screens to contain the flames.

This doesn’t merely boost your own safety. It also reduces the odds of embers setting off fires that could spread to nearby lawns.

Create a Structure for the Pit

Don’t install your new firepit directly on your fake grass lawn. Although our turf is designed to resist fire, that doesn’t mean embers, coals, and other very hot items can’t damage it.

Instead, build a patio area around the pit. Use a surface material that withstands fire. Brick or concrete pavers are both smart choices. If you like, you can expand the patio area to make room for seating. That said, you don’t have to. As long as the patio space is big enough for the firepit itself, you’ll be fine. You can safely lounge around it on your turf surface.

Plastic Grass Safety & Outdoor Activities

If you’re going to be sitting around a fire in the backyard, there’s a good chance you’ll also be enjoying some related outdoor activities. For instance, you might decide to grill up some barbecue. If you have kids, you might roast marshmallows. Again, this is a good reason to learn more about plastic grass safety. Thanks to strict plastic grass safety standards, you rarely need to worry about your lawn catching fire. That said, it’s still possible to damage it if you’re not careful. Protect your yard with these plastic grass safety tips:

Don’t Grill on the Turf Itself

A barbecue should not sit directly on top of your fake grass. It needs its own surface to ensure coals or flames don’t land in the yard. If you expect you’ll be grilling often during your nights around the fire, add patio space that’s large enough for both the grill and the firepit.

Keep a Hose Nearby

If embers or other hot materials do land on the turf lawn, again, it’s not likely they’ll cause a fire. That’s not the same as saying your lawn is completely safe when this happens. Hot objects can melt the plastic blades. The longer the turf is exposed to heat, the greater the odds it will melt. This can have a severe impact on your lawn’s curb appeal. It is possible to repair it, but that’s an expense you want to avoid.

That’s why it’s a good idea to place your firepit or grill near a hose or other water source. If hot materials wind up on the lawn, you want to put out the flames quickly.

Have a Fire Extinguisher on Hand

You should keep a fire extinguisher close any time you’re near open flames. You can’t always predict whether your fire will spread to other areas of the lawn. Learn how to safely use a fire extinguisher, and make sure it’s easy to access whenever you’re sitting around the fire in your backyard.

Keep a Safe Distance

Fake grass does not catch fire easily. This is one of its main features. Still, you shouldn’t assume it will prevent a fire from spreading to your home. Open flames can ignite everything from dead leaves to nearby garments. If anything like that were to catch fire, wind could carry the flames.

Stay safe by keeping the pit at least 10 feet away from all structures. This is also an instance where your town may have its own unique set of laws limiting where you can place a pit or grill on your lawn. Check the local code to learn more.

If you ever need more information about staying safe while enjoying your fake grass lawn, the team at one of Watersavers Turf’s SF Bay Area locations will be happy to help. After all, we only sell products that have undergone rigorous testing. Our experts will gladly explain what we do to keep you safe, and what you can do to avoid lawn damage. If you’re thinking of making the switch to synthetic grass, we’ll even provide free 1’ x 1’ samples, making it easy to find the ideal style for your goals. If you’re not from our area, we ship to any spot in the Continental United States.

Call us toll-free at 844-974-8873 for more info, and be sure to ask about our free estimates. We’re also happy to chat with you online.

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