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When’s The Best Time To Install Artificial Turf?

September 15, 2021

Great question — the best time to install artificial turf is anytime! Any season, anywhere. But especially in the Bay Area, and California, during the drought. Turf is low maintenance. In fact, it requires only a few brushings every year. Therefore, the best time to install artificial turf is when it’s convenient for you. Spring or fall are popular times, and at Watersavers we can help you find the right style. We also have a range of turf products to fit your project and budget. There are so many options. 

Also, summer can be a good time because of local water restrictions and drought rules. It’s important to save money and help the region conserve water. Additionally, as a rule of thumb, it’s best to roll the turf out in the sun with the blades facing down for 1-2 hours before installing it, so the turf can acclimate to the temperature. 

Seasons, No Worries! It’s Always the Best Time To Install Artificial Turf 

Want to avoid the outdoor “spring cleaning?” Great! So do we. The springtime is a great time to install artificial turf to avoid doing that yard work. Also, you can prepare your backyard, patio, or outdoor putting green for the summer. Turf can be installed in warm temperatures. It can also be installed in cool temperatures. Inside or outdoors. Therefore, the fall is also a natural choice. As the weather gets cooler and you take a look at your space, remember that September and October are some of the best times to install artificial turf. Winter is also doable, especially on the west coast with a moderate climate. It never gets too hot or too cool. Just the Mediterranean in Europe.

No Maintenance, Easy To Install and Enjoy With The Whole Family

Really, turf couldn’t be easier. It will look fabulous in your space, inside or out. The installation is a breeze and it’s safe for the whole family, including pets and kids. Our products are 100% lead-free and have no toxins. Given that the best time to install artificial turf is really anytime, why not give it a go? You won’t need to water or install any sprinklers. No more trips to the store for fertilizer. And you get a beautiful surface to enjoy. 

Want More Information On Artificial Turf Installation?

We’d love to answer your questions. Please visit any one of our SF Bay Area locations or call us toll free at 844-974-8873. Our helpful staff can help you complete your next turf project. Also, remember that we offer an industry leading warranty and offer free 1” x 1” turf samples. For contractors, we have free same day will-call and next day delivery.

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