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How Artificial Turf Scores Praise of Baseball Teams

August 24, 2016

Baseball season is in full swing. For many teams, it’s now clear that artificial turf is key to getting the most out of the season. A real grass field requires constant upkeep and doesn’t stand up well to rain. Artificial turf, on the other hand, is the kind of playing surface on which teams can rely. It’s easy to maintain, helping to cut down on costs. On top of that, poor weather has less of an effect on gameplay when teams make the switch to artificial turf. Across both the major and minor leagues, more and more experts are realizing the benefits of this option. That’s why Watersavers offers a quality alternative to grass that makes for an ideal baseball surface. 

Ballparks Seeing Value in Synthetic Turf 

Across the country, ballparks are upgrading to synthetic turf. Minor league teams in places like New York and Illinois are installing it on their fields. Colleges in Ohio and other states are adding it to their stadiums. Why? Because synthetic turf makes baseball more enjoyable for everyone. Standard Bank Stadium in Crestwood, IL had to cancel too many events in past years due to rain making the field unsafe. The Ohio State University is using it because it’s simply more reliable than real grass. Players like it because it keeps gameplay consistent. Fans like it because it means games are less likely to be called off after rain. And teams in general like it because it’s affordable. Across the board, synthetic turf is making baseball better.

A True Game-Changer 

The first Major League Baseball team to use turf instead of grass on their field was the Houston Astros. In 1966, after being open for a year, the Astrodome switched from real grass to faux grass. The change first came about because the team didn’t have any other choice. The Astrodome’s design didn’t let enough sunlight hit the field. Most of it was just dirt, with some patches of dead grass. It had to be painted green to look real!

Through the 1970s, more and more fields began to make the switch. Gameplay itself even changed as a result. This new type of fake grass made the ball bounce higher than most players were used to. It also made balls travel faster. Because of this, infield players started to stand back farther. They simply needed more time to react to the ball.

On the other hand, it also helped boost their skills. Players throwing to each other found that trying to bounce a ball off of real grass was a bad idea. Balls would bounce to the right or left too often. With fake grass, the ball bounced in the same direction it was thrown. This made it easier for players to hit their targets.

This new playing surface really did change the game.

The Home Field Advantage 

Major league teams aren’t the only ones who know why turf is useful. In 2012, high school baseball teams in Oregon noticed a problem. When it rained, they couldn’t practice on their fields. They could do some drills indoors, but they couldn’t practice real gameplay. This made it harder for them to compete against teams with artificial fields.

That’s why schools started to replace their grass fields. Not only did they cost less money to maintain, they also let players practice in any sort of weather. Fake grass leveled the playing field.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Baseball is a sport that is best enjoyed outdoors. The fresh air and summer sky are all a key part of it. While some major league teams have added retractable roofs to their stadiums to allow games to be played in poor weather, fans sometimes feel this takes away from the joy of going out to a ballgame.

Thanks to faux grass, there’s a solution. Games won’t get canceled because it rained earlier. Stadiums won’t need to put up roofs because there are clouds on the horizon. With fake grass, every single game of an entire baseball season can be enjoyed outside, exactly as it should be.

Everyone from players to fans are seeing the value in making the switch. If you’re interested in saving money on upkeep and making sure your team has a chance to practice and play no matter what sort of weather you’ve had, Watersavers can help. We offer the perfect sports surface for your needs, along with everything you need to install it. Stop by one of our locations in the San Francisco Bay Area to learn more, or call us at 844-974-8873.

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