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Unique Artificial Turf Applications

July 1, 2016

Designers from all walks of life are using artificial turf as a colorful and eco-friendly choice. The beauty of it is that artificial turf maintenance is easy and wears well in any weather. Local plastic grass experts, Watersavers Turf, can advise you on what style is best for your project.

One of the reasons why people are choosing synthetic turf is that it saves on water usage. For every square foot of grass, it replaces it will save 55 gallons of water per year. It also provides a pop of color and texture anywhere, saves money, and is there is virtually no lawn care.

It can easily be cut to any size or shape, used on the ground or on a wall, indoors or out. It holds up to heavy foot traffic and UV rays, and it keeps its color even in the sun. Clean and green, there is no dirt, no mud and its non-toxic. It’s allergy free and deters insects.

Fashionistas are using turf to create edgy runway looks. During New York Fashion Week designer Tommy Hilfiger used it on the catwalk to showcase his 30-year celebration in sportswear fashion design. Fashions popped against the bright green color while models walked with ease.

Event planners enjoy the ease with which turf can be installed and later removed when the events are over. It can be used for photo shoots, exhibitions, and festivals any place where people are gathering.

Some examples -where a synthetic turf installation can be used are:

Fashion shows – Think of the drama on a catwalk. It can be a great backdrop to showcase any design.

Store display – A shop can display furniture in a creative way. Store fronts can use turf to entice people to stop in and check out their wares. It was used in the window of the Ralph Lauren flagship store on Madison Avenue in NYC.

Museums – Natural history exhibits will come to life with turf under their dinosaurs or other wild animals.

Photoshoots – For those photos that need an outdoor backdrop, faux grass is a great option. It can be used to show off patio products.

Wedding receptions – If you want to tie the knot outdoors, what better product to use than turf? It will keep those costly gowns cleaner and looks great as flooring in a gazebo, or tent. Great for any weather, it will keep guests and the wedding party from ruining their shoes.

Parties – Indoors or outdoors, turf will add fun to any theme party. It’s perfect for a summer bash with an island theme, or for a fun kid’s birthday party with toy jungle animals.

Green carpet – Fashion shows and other events get a designer’s edge using an emerald green carpet of turf. The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles thought so when they used it.

From luxury high rises, the rooftop patio design on the Trump Tower in NYC to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week runway, artificial turf is in high demand with designers. We can help you choose the perfect turf style for your event. Call us for some free samples at 844-974-8873 or visit us online.


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