• Artificial grass has benefits during rain and drought.
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Why Artificial Grass Is Beneficial During Rain

February 21, 2020

This Watersavers Turf blog covers the topic, “Why artificial grass is beneficial during rain?” It also covers why artificial grass helps reduce exposure to a bacteria called Leptospirosis. We also discuss other reasons why you should convert your lawn to artificial grass.

Three Reasons Why Artificial Grass Is Beneficial During Rain:

1. A Mud-Free Lawn

A mud-free lawn is one of the clearest advantages you get from switching to faux grass. Live grass often develops bare patches that expose dirt and tree roots. That dirt quickly turns to mud when it rains, and the exposed tree roots become a safety issue.

When you replace live grass with synthetic turf, you get a mud-free lawn no matter how much it rains. That’s because faux turf has porous backing which makes it drain much faster than real grass.

A mud-free lawn also means a mud-free house. People and pets are less likely to track wet dirt into your home when it’s not pooling up around the yard.

2. A Lawn Drainage Solution

As we mentioned above, synthetic turf has a special backing that offers an ideal lawn drainage solution. It’s designed to drain water more quickly than live grass. This type of lawn drainage solution helps get rid of many safety issues that are caused by a soggy and slippery lawn after heavy rainfall.

This lawn drainage solution can also be very helpful if your region gets a lot of snowfall. When the snow finally melts, your synthetic turf will drain quickly allowing you to use your lawn when the first warm rays of sun pop out.

3. Reduces the Risk of Leptospirosis

Rain and snowmelt don’t just make a yard messy. Standing water can also pose a risk to pets. That’s because bacteria called leptospirosis often develop in puddles. Animals that drink water from these puddles may become very ill. Luckily, you can reduce the risk of leptospirosis with fake turf.

Fake turf reduces the risk of leptospirosis because of its excellent drainage quality. Bacteria have less time to develop if standing water has less time to pool up on your lawn.

Animals who are exposed to these bacteria can experience everything from lethargy to kidney failure. Pet owners can avoid this by reducing the chances of leptospirosis with fake turf.

Synthetic Grass Saves Water During Droughts

Rain isn’t the only type of weather that can ruin a lawn. Drought can too. Lack of rain often turns the yard into a bare eyesore. This is another reason why a different surface such as synthetic grass can help. Synthetic grass not only saves water during dry seasons, it also saves you money while keeping your lawn green.

People need to water their lawns more during a drought which is very costly. Over watering also wastes a major resource. With synthetic grass, you can save water while protecting both the planet and your wallet.

Business owners also benefit from using synthetic grass because they need to attract guests. Not having to water during a drought helps them save money while giving their clients an attractive place to visit. Having a bright green lawn ensures their business stands out all year long. This is just another reason why artificial grass is beneficial.

Plastic Grass Lowers Maintenance Costs

Plastic grass lowers maintenance costs for all property owners. Once more, keeping a lawn in great shape throughout the year is expensive. Rain can make it muddy and slippery. Drought can leave it bare. People who use plastic grass not only lower maintenance costs but the solve these other issues as well.  Homeowners enjoy their yards instead of focusing on how much it costs to upkeep their lawn. Commercial property owners can keep curb appeal without digging into their budgets. We hope this blog has answered, “Why artificial grass is beneficial during rain and more!”

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