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Artificial Grass for Gyms — Benefits of Working Out on Gym Turf

May 15, 2019

Maybe you already know that plastic grass makes for a great, low-upkeep lawn surface. What you might not know is that it’s also great for fitness fans. Artificial grass for gyms is ideal if you want a safe surface on which to work out. With artificial grass for gyms, you’re less likely to hurt yourself if you fall during an exercise. Artificial grass for gyms is also durable. It can absorb the shock of impact without getting damaged. If you’re interested in using plastic grass for fitness, our team at Watersavers Turf will gladly help you make the switch.

The Benefits of Synthetic Gym Turf

Synthetic gym turf offers many benefits to anyone trying to get in shape. It’s perfect for both group activities and solo exercises. With gym turf, you can play football, lift weights, practice yoga, and much more. The following are just a few reasons gym turf is the perfect surface option for your needs:


Again, this surface allows you to participate safely in a wide range of athletic activities. You can also install it both indoors and outdoors. It ensures that outdoor fields always look vibrant and green, while indoor gym rooms can offer a greater sense of comfort.

Low Upkeep

You don’t need to put much effort into maintaining this type of surface. It never needs to be watered or mowed. That’s why many sports facilities make the switch. Doing so reduces upkeep costs in the long run.


Fake grass drains water quickly. That means anyone using it is less likely to slip and fall after a rain shower. It also stays even and flat for a long time. Grass fields can get torn up fairly quickly. They become uneven, making people more likely to trip and fall. That’s not an issue with artificial turf. You can even add lawn pads beneath it for extra shock absorption.


This kind of turf is designed with fitness in mind. That means it can take a beating. It will stay in great shape for a long time, no matter what kind of workout you’re doing.

Why Plastic Grass is the Ideal Turf for Yoga

Synthetic grass is a great option for many types of exercise, and it’s the right turf for yoga. Turf for yoga should be soft enough for comfort, sturdy enough for support. It also needs to remain flat. That’s why this surface is the best turf for yoga. People switch to it because:

It’s Relaxing

Yoga promotes a sense of calm. This surface boosts that effect. Studies show that spending time in green spaces induces relaxed feelings. With plastic grass, you can enjoy all the calming effects of yoga both indoors and outdoors.

It Balances Support & Comfort

Faux grass strikes the ideal balance between soft cushioning and firm support. That’s ideal for yoga. It supports your weight for any pose but also lets you stay comfortable when poses involve sitting or resting most of your body on the ground.

It Helps the Environment

Many people who practice yoga strive to be in tune with nature. The practice often makes people appreciate the real beauty of the world around them. Artificial turf is perfect for someone with these values. Because you never need to water it, it’s a very environmentally-friendly option.

It’s Easy to Landscape With

Faux grass on its own is already a great surface for yoga. You can enhance it by creating a full mindfulness garden. This surface allows you to design an oasis that’s easy to maintain. Add statues, flowers, water features, and anything else you think is right for an outdoor yoga space. Thanks to its low upkeep needs, it’s easy to design this type of garden with fake grass.

Cleaning it is Easy

If you chose to make an outdoor yoga space with fake grass, cleaning is simple. All you need to do is rinse it with a hose to remove most debris.

Does all this sound good to you? If so, head to a Watersavers Turf SF Bay Area locations. Our experts will gladly help you choose the ideal turf for your gym or outdoor fitness center. We also offer free large 1’ x 1’ samples. They make it easy to choose the best style for your goals. If you’re not from the area, we’ll ship them to any spot in the Continental United States.

Call us at 844-974-8873 if you have any more questions. We’re also happy to chat online. Don’t forget to ask about our free estimates! We make it easy to switch to the best fitness turf there is.

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