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Artificial Grass Trend Spotlight: Patio Turf

March 12, 2021

Patio turf is a great addition to any residential or commercial outdoor space. For example, outdoor fake grass can be used around backyard gazebos or concrete patio areas, making any space great for the kids and the rest of the family. Additionally, patio turf is an ongoing trend for bars and restaurants. Specifically, many restaurants and cafes have added artificial ivy and patio turf to brighten their space and make it more appealing. Check out Watersavers Turf for a full selection of patio turf products.

Restaurants Revamp Outdoor Space With Patio Turf

From beer gardens to back patios, patio turf is an awesome solution for any restaurant or bar that wants to spruce up its outdoor area. This is for a few reasons. First, outdoor fake grass is low maintenance and easy on the eye. Also, because it doesn’t need to be watered patio turf doesn’t attract insects, which is great for the customer experience. Second, the patio turf surface is a comfortable and reliable surface to walk on for all parties, including restaurant staff, guests, and vendors. Third, unlike concrete or brick, outdoor fake grass provides soothing, relaxing energy and compliments so many outdoor designs.

Stunning Outdoor Fake Grass: In the Bay Area and Across the Country

The Mediterranean climate in the Bay Area is perfect for outdoor dining almost all year round, with mild winters and summers that never get too hot. However, it can be difficult to maintain natural sod, especially for a busy restaurant or bar in an urban area. So, turn to outdoor fake grass and keep everything simple and clean. For a few examples, check out places like Lost and Found and Arthur Mac’s Tap and Shack in Oakland, or Glen Ellen Star in Glenn Ellen, CA. Ultimately, outdoor fake grass is a hit with customers and loved by restaurant owners. 

Check Us Out – We’re Here To Help

So, have any questions on patio turf? Let us know! At Watersavers, our dedicated team will help you find the right product for your specific needs. We carry an extensive catalog of tools and turf products, and we can answer your project related questions. At all of our Bay Area locations, we offer free 1’ x 1’ turf samples and free estimates. Want to learn more about how we can help? Give us a call at 844-974-8873 for more info.

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