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Colored Artificial Grass Comes to Sports Venues

October 3, 2016

When it first hit the market, fake grass was almost always green. The idea was to mimic the look of real grass. These days, though, plenty of people have realized that colored artificial grass has its merits, too. If, say, you’re trying to create a sports venue that actually reflects the spirit of the home team, you might use colored artificial grass to put the team colors right there on the field. Or perhaps, you’re drafting the design of an outdoor lounge area at a resort, and you want to create something unique. There are a great many creative uses for color artificial grass, which is why SF Bay Area experts Watersavers Turf offer artificial turf for sports fields in green, blue, and terra cotta.

Sports Field Turf Doesn’t Need to be Green

A sports field is more than just the surface that the game is played on. It should reflect the soul of the team that plays there. Some are now finding that a great way to make it do so is to use sports field turf that comes in the team’s colors. That’s not the only reason people have switched to a sports field turf option that isn’t green. In some sports, players have found that a surface that doesn’t look like real grass makes it easier to play their game. If the sport involves hitting or passing any ball or small object back and forth across the field, colored sports field turf can make it easier to spot the ball.

The Uses of Colored Faux Grass

Many people are finding reasons to use colored faux grass in their projects. College football teams seem to be the ones who have most embraced the product. Eastern Washington University is one example. They just added a new football field made of colored fake turf. They found that doing so would save them a lot of money. This type of surface needs much less lawn care than real grass. As such, upkeep is not a big expense.

Savings were just the tip of the iceberg, though. Quickly, the school found the new field could help them earn money, too. Why? Because instead of making the field green, they decided to use red fake grass instead.

Ticket sales went up fast, as the unique red surface gave the school a chance to market the venue. They were also able to create a branded slogan for their new line of merchandise: “Red is the new green.” By selling shirts and other items with these words printed on them, the school can raise even more funds.

Other schools have found that using colored fake grass is a great way to make more people interested in going to the college itself as students. Boise State made itself more well-known as a strong school through its football program. A key part of their success was due to branding. They wanted people to notice the colors and symbols of their team. By putting in blue turf, instead of green, on their football field, they achieved their goal.

Colored Turf Outside of College

Colleges are not the only place where people have made good use of these products. At the pro level, the Detroit Lions made recent upgrades to their playing field. A key change was using blue turf in their end zones. In the past, if a team wanted the end zones to match their colors, they had to have it painted. Now, they have a much better option.

At the recent Rio Olympics, colored turf also made the news. Most of the time, field hockey is played on turf made to look like grass. In Rio, the turf was blue with a green border. Many agree that the people who designed the pitch were trying to make something that captured the essence of Rio itself.

That said, that’s not the only effect it had. The players themselves found that the game was easier to play on this type of surface. The yellow ball showed up much more clearly on blue than on green.

If you’re interested in making use of colored artificial grass, Watersavers Turf will be happy to help. Feel free to call us at 844-974-8873 with any of your questions, and head online to get a free estimate for your project. You can also stop by one of our SF Bay Area locations to learn about getting free 1’ x 1’ samples.

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