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Indoor Grass Ideas to Try This Year

July 9, 2021

Indoor grass ideas are on the rise. People are bringing the outdoors, indoors. We think this is a great idea and we receive the same feedback. So think about these indoor grass ideas as you plan a remodel. Or update your bathroom. Or re-do the energy in the kitchen. After quarantine is the time for experimentation. Try something new. Build a guitar and add some of these indoor grass ideas to your space and see how you feel. Our bet: it will feel great. And, not to worry. All of our turf products are non-toxic and lead-free.

Walls – They’re Everywhere

Painting can be okay. But you might prefer something else. Wallpaper? Coming back into style but still difficult to install. And it’s wallpaper. Instead, go with artificial grass for your walls! It looks fantastic, requires no upkeep, and provides a soothing energy to your living room or kitchen. Along with a few houseplants and well-chosen accessories, a wall of turf can transform a room.

Putting Greens – The Golfers Dream

At Watersavers, we ask: why not? The ball rolls so smooth and true. You’re already on your way to becoming the local pro. Why not take the next step? Artificial grass putting greens inside the home are trendy and an efficient way to use space and time. They’re also comfortable to walk on and the kids love playing on the turf, too. You can install in a hallway with minimal fuss. 

Balconies – The Original Outdoor-Indoor Grass Idea  

Perfect for hanging with friends or relaxing with a book, especially if you’re in an apartment without a backyard. And artificial turf makes balconies so much more comfortable and appealing. Also, if you have a small balcony in an urban area, adding artificial turf is a great way to invest in yourself and your space. Make it green!

Office Spaces – Perfect Indoor Grass Idea for Professional Settings

Offices can be so sterile, with the white walls and fluorescent lighting. So give them some life. Adding artificial turf is a great indoor grass idea. Management will love it and so will the team. This can be carpeting or indoor turf accents, turf walls or artificial ivy. So many workplaces are turning to turf – it increases productivity and lightens the mood. 

So Many Indoor Grass Ideas – Where To Start?

We’re here to help! Feel free to call us toll free and we can answer any questions you have. Our number is 844-974-8873 and a team member can find the right indoor grass idea for you. 

You can also visit any one of our Bay Area locations where we offer free 1” x 1” turf samples and project estimates. Right now we sell turf carpet in 3 sizes: 5’ x 5’, 5’ x 6’, and 5’ x 7.’

Furthermore, don’t forget our industry leading warranty and free will-call for contractors at our Concord warehouse.

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