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Unique Artificial Grass Design Ideas You Have to Try!

February 7, 2024

Artificial grass is a versatile product that can be used in surprising ways. It is not just a lawn replacement option, but a tool to help decorate your home. Whether you need to revamp the outdoors or indoors, use synthetic grass to brighten up your space! 

DIY Outdoor Artificial Grass Design Ideas 

Artificial grass design ideas are ideal for enhancing your outdoors. Synthetic grass is a year-round product that will stay vibrant without any maintenance. Below you will find outdoor design suggestions for your home. 

Create a Vibrant Green Welcome Mat 

It is time to get rid of your dated welcome mat and create one using synthetic grass. You can stick to the traditional rectangular cutout or choose an unconventional shape like a heart. Now, as your visitors step inside your home, they are greeted with a fun and lively door mat. 

Line Outdoor Stairs with Turf 

There is no better way to decorate outdoor stairs than to cover them in lush artificial grass.  

As you climb or descend the steps, your feet will rejoice against the soft turf. Moreover, adding synthetic grass to your steps is the perfect way to include more green in your backyard.   

Placemats for Centerpieces 

If you are having an outdoor event, consider creating placemats for your centerpieces using artificial grass. It will go perfectly with a rustic theme and present guests with a fun talking point. Creative artificial grass design ideas can help elevate your party and tie the decorations together. 

Make Pillowcases for Outdoor Cushions 

Does your backyard look dull and need sprucing up? A fun fix is to put together vibrant pillowcases made with synthetic grass for your cushions. This is a wonderful way to bring life to your patio furniture. 

Artificial Grass Design Ideas for the Indoors 

Although artificial grass indoors is not a new concept, it is still an eccentric and refreshing choice. There are several ways you can use synthetic turf indoors. Check out some of our ideas for your home below. 

Add Turf to a Child’s Playroom

Do you have extra space in your home? You can transform it into a playroom for your kids by using synthetic grass as carpet or artificial ivy to decorate your wall. Our turf products are PFAS-free and lead free allowing your children to safely roam around it. The soft and lush surface will make the room a hit with the little ones!

Set Up an Indoor Playground 

If you have ample space, you can even set up an indoor playground for your children. Install our artificial turf as carpet for the area and now, you can fill the space with a swing set and an indoor jungle gym. Undoubtedly, the indoor playground will be a terrific addition to your home where you can host play dates and parties for your kids. We also have lots of ideas for kid-friendly backyards. 

Mat for Pet Food Bowls 

Unique artificial grass design ideas can also involve your pets. You can create a fun turf mat to hold your pet’s food bowl. You can even make a mat in the shape of a bone! 

Artificial Grass Tabletop 

Another plan is to cover a table with artificial grass. The tabletop can be used to house indoor plants making it a distinctive highlight in your home. Or for the adventurous, you can decorate your work desk with synthetic grass to create a one-of-a-kind home office.  

Bring Your Artificial Grass Design Ideas to Life 

Start working on your home projects today! Contact Watersavers Turf at 844-974-8873 with any questions or to get a free estimate. We also offer free samples, so you can touch the product prior to purchase.

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