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Create Safe Play Areas with Artificial Turf for Schools

December 11, 2023

Playgrounds and play areas are an essential part of the school environment. Not only do they promote physical activity, but they also help children develop social skills. Artificial turf for schools is a safe and kid-friendly surface to use to create these spaces.  

Coleman Elementary School in San Rafael, California wanted to build such an area for their kindergarten children using artificial turf. However, the school was lacking in funds. They reached out to Watersavers Turf for a donation because our turf is non-toxic and PFAS- free. With our contribution, the kindergarteners can safely enjoy play time outside.

What Are the Benefits of Artificial Turf for Schools? 

Artificial turf for schools comes with many benefits. Along with being non-toxic, our synthetic grass has a slip-resistant surface. Since children are prone to accidents, this feature hinders playground injuries. In turn, fewer accidents mean less liability for schools.  

Artificial turf for schools also has fast drainage that allows for quick drying. There won’t be tempting puddles for children to jump on and create a mess. Moreover, traditional grass is slippery when wet, but synthetic turf prevents slipping.  

Another advantage is the money saving factor of artificial grass. Natural grass demands mowing, watering, and fertilization. However, synthetic turf does not require any of these things. As a result, schools save money on maintenance costs and water.  

Additionally, artificial turf for schools is made for heavy use. It can handle the foot traffic, along with the hustle and bustle of children playing. Unlike traditional grass, synthetic grass holds up well to wear and tear.  

Kids playing on artificial turf at local elementary school in Marin County

Start Your School Project with Watersavers Turf 

At Watersavers Turf, we carry a variety of commercial artificial turf for schools. Local institutions like La Tercera Elementary School in Petaluma can attest to the benefits of our product. We also have turf padding which is a fantastic add-on to place under your synthetic lawn. It absorbs shock and further amplifies the safety of our turf. Visit any of our SF Bay Area store locations or call us at 844-974-8873 to get started on your school project!  

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